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Your experiences of baby loss: How did someone help you?

During Baby Loss Awareness Week 2016, we want to raise awareness of some of the issues surrounding the death of a baby. To do this, we’d like to hear about a time someone said or did something which helped you after your baby died.

This could be anything, a few sensitive words or a small gesture. Once you’ve shared your story with us we’ll add it to our website right here. The only criteria is that you share your story with us in 75 words or fewer and follow our guidelines.

If you’d like to take part, please read through our guidelines and send us your story via email to Due to time constraints we are unable to respond to all emails, however we will publish all stories that follow the guidelines set out on our Get Involved page. Please note we are unable to publish stories that are over 75 words in length.

We have gathered these stories to provide a useful resource for anyone that would like information on ways to help and support families following the death of a baby.

  • "I am so very grateful and still deeply moved by my Mother’s priceless gift"

    After I arrived home from the Hospital on the evening that my five month old baby boy passed away in his sleep. I found the missing sock he was wearing that night, the other matching sock was still on his foot in the Hospital. I slept holding that sock for weeks. It was our own unique version of a bestfriend charm. My Mum bought both my baby and myself matching heart pendants and a chain each to wear it on. She had them both engraved with beautiful messages. I am so very grateful and still deeply moved by my Mother’s priceless gift

  • "I truly felt she was there for me"

    My best friend Jennifer came to see me at home 4 days after Emma was born, and as soon as she walked in the door we both just started crying and hugging. There was no awkwardness, she wasn’t looking for the ‘right thing to say’ and I vividly remember that. She then just listened to me and let me cry. I truly felt she was there for me and she wasn’t remotely uncomfortable being around me.

  • "just by realising help was all I needed"

    Two weeks after the death of Ashley I went to the shop and saw a girl with her newborn. I crossed the road she followed me and told me she knew I cared, I cried it was the first time I saw a baby she took me to her house and passed me her child. She helped me get over the biggest hurdle I’ve ever crossed just by realising help was all I needed

  • "It gave me some relief and meant a lot"

    When my son Elliot died, I was overwhelmed by all the flowers we received. I couldn’t cope; I thought: “I couldn’t keep my baby alive and now all these flowers are going to die as well.” My friend Sarah visited. She didn’t know what to say but she took control and cut out all the stamen from the lilies – there were so many. It gave me some relief and meant a lot.

  • "He proved why he is my best friend. Actions speak louder than words and all that"

    My closest and longest friend came into hospital to see us after we lost our 1st son Peter at full term. He didn’t say much but brought a Peter Pan cuddly toy with him which was a great touch. I burst into tears as soon as I saw the toy and we still have it at home in our rainbow baby Jake’s bedroom. He proved why he is my best friend. Actions speak louder than words and all that. ❤😢

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