Share your story

We would like to hear from you if you are a parent who went through pregnancy loss, or whose baby was stillborn or died shortly after birth and needed psychological therapy from the NHS, beyond support for the grief you experienced following your loss.


Did you continue to find it hard to manage everyday life or work after several months following your loss? Perhaps you experienced symptoms of post-traumatic stress, or suffered from post-natal depression?


Did you ask for help? Did you get any? If you did, was it right for you and available at the time when you needed it most, in a suitable location? What difference did it make?


If you were not able to get any help, what impact did that have on you, your family, your career?


Your story could help raise awareness of the importance of access to specialist mental health care for all bereaved parents who need it.


We are keen to hear from people across the UK, of any age or gender.

For Professionals

We’d also like to hear from professionals. Perhaps you tried to refer someone and found there was a lack of services or no clear referral pathway in your area?


Perhaps you were successful in referring someone on or providing a bereaved parent with a good quality service. This could help us highlight where the system is working well and the positive difference good care can make for bereaved parents.

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