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theAsianparent is the number one parenting community in Southeast Asia that aims to help parents raise healthy children and families. Available across the Asia Pacific and Africa regions while reaching more than 32 million parents, theAsianparent is on the mission to reduce stillbirths within its parenting community.

Association SPAMA

Association SPAMA provides bereavement support to parents who have experienced perinatal loss (any cause of perinatal death…) and information after a prenatal diagnosis.

Our support is free, without any judgment and open to anyone who speaks French

  1. Helpline: +33 7 87 85 37 81
  2. Regular support groups in France, Belgium and Luxembourg
  3. Live video support group
  4. Memory Boxes
  5. Bereavement Guide for parents
  6. Activity Books for siblings


FirstLight formerly the Irish Sudden Infant Death Association was established in 1976; it provides crisis intervention and free professional counselling services throughout Ireland to bereaved parents and family members who have suddenly lost a child.

For support contact our 24/7 Helpline 1850 391 391 or email

Irish Neonatal Health Alliance

The Irish Neonatal Health Alliance aims to support families affected by prematurity. This is achieved by advocating for increased awareness, improved pre-conceptual and ante-natal education, equitable and standardized neonatal care, and improved long-term care for both the premature baby and the family.

Our objective, through consultation with global networks of prematurity groups, healthcare professionals, educators, political decision makers and industry stakeholders is to foster the exchange of information, provide education to healthcare professionals and families and with one collective voice, to provide the platform for a coordinated and integrated program of collaborative support in the field of neonatal care in Ireland.

To contact: Email or call 085 1920 602

Logo of ONG Amada Helena

ONG Amada Helena

NGO amada Helena offers individual and group support to parents who have lost children at any age, and encourages conversations about parental grief in society.

It also works to educate people about the grieving process, campaigns for changes in societal attitudes towards bereaved parents, fights for their rights and advancement in public policies and encourages discussions of grief in educational environments, healthcare institutions and social care.

NGO amada Helena is based in Brazil.

Contact: Phone\WhatsApp: +55 51 981989205. Instagram @ong.amadahelena

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Steunpunt Nova, verloren verwachting

Steunpunt Nova is a national, independent support centre for parents who lose their baby at the moment in which welcoming and saying goodbye occur simultaneously.

Also in respect of the caregivers who provide support for those parents.  Our desire is to help parents to find guidance in what is often a confusing and emotional time of grieving and loss.

We have developed four Help Cards that will give parents a quick overview of the options to think about. For caregivers, we have provided information regarding perinatal mortality rates, opportunities for training and seminars, articles about perinatal mortality, support in the form of dos and don’ts, recommendations for the physical care of the baby and checklists.

To contact call +316-45112906 or email


ICOMBO is a voluntary organisation that champions the rights of multiples. We are passionate about ensuring the unique needs of multiple birth infants, children, adults and their families are understood and met.

These needs include delivering positive health, wellbeing and educational outcomes, fostering inclusion and ensuring freedom from discrimination of any kind.

ICOMBO brings together communities from around the world, with the common goal of benefiting twins, triplets and more, and their families, throughout their lives.

Contact Telephone: +61421418778
Contact Email:

The TAPS Support Foundation

Our foundation is dedicated to positively impacting the world of monochorionic twins through education, connections, and research for doctors, families, and policymakers.

We challenge outdated guidelines, empower parents to ask questions and advocate for the best care before, during and after monochorionic twin pregnancy, and work towards creating better outcomes for twins worldwide.

Contact Telephone: +61629841203
Contact Email:

Griffin Cares Foundation

Griffin Cares Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that provides peer support programs for families who are coping with a pregnancy or infant loss.

Our offerings including support groups, peer mentors, community events, and resources to help families honor their babies, cope with grief, and navigate life after loss. All services are free and available for birthing parents and partners.

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