1. Tamba - Hannah and Matt

    “There’s no words that can describe that moment, your life just falls apart…”

    By Hannah Griffin

    I always knew I’d have twins, I don’t why or how I knew but since I was young it just felt as though it was written in my stars, and in October 2017 those longed for magic two lines appeared, it was our first pregnancy and we were surrounded by friends either having children or getting married, we couldn’t have been happier to be a part of that club. Six weeks into the pregnancy I woke up in agonising pain; we underwent numerous tests in A&E which were all thankfully fine. To err on the[…]

  2. Gifts for my angel baby.

    By Lemara

    When I was pregnant with my first born I excitedly browsed through mother and baby magazines and visited a few baby departments, dreaming of what wonderful items I would buy for my baby boy or girl. Sadly, 23weeks into my pregnancy my baby girl Robyn was born sleeping and the experience became one of the most traumatic of my life. Once I recovered from the initial shock I began to take steps to rebuild my life. Suddenly it seemed as if I saw more products for new mums and babies than ever before (on TV,[…]

  3. Dr Petra Boynton

    “Something that has helped in my recovery is hope.”

    By Petra Boynton

    I had the last of three miscarriages eight years ago. During my losses there were individual healthcare staff that did their best. But the majority of my care wasn’t great. Nobody could explain what was happening. Care was disjointed, communication careless. There was no counselling, bereavement support, or mention of charities. My partner was left out.  I felt like an inconvenience. I was lucky enough to have two pregnancies that went to term. But here, again, crucial aspects of care were missed.  I tried to talk about my losses, but nobody wanted to listen. My[…]

  4. “I will live FOR him and I will say his name as often as I can.”

    By Kerri and Andy Pope

    After years of waiting for the “right time” and then 18 months of trying for our first child, we finally got a positive pregnancy test. My husband Andy and I were overjoyed, the baby we’d wanted for so long was finally going to become a reality! I was too nervous to buy many baby things, but started to relax after our anomaly scan and excitedly picked out some outfits for our impending arrival. At 23 weeks I went into premature labour. Our beautiful son Harrison was a tiny 1lb 2oz, born at 23 weeks and[…]

  5. Joanne Simons with baby Eden and husband Daniel

    “He was perfect, he just looked like a sleeping baby.”

    By Joanne Simons

    We were over the moon to be expecting our first baby boy after having our two beautiful girls in 2010 and 2013. They were so excited to be having a baby brother and couldn’t wait to help look after him! Eden was due on the 11th March 2018, that day came and went. My girls were both 10 days late so this was ‘normal’ for me. On Wednesday 21st March I went to bed; Eden was wriggling away in my tummy as usual when I got into bed, I woke at 6.30am on the 22nd[…]