Anthony’s story

Anthony's story

Anthony’s story

Anthony Hubbard’s son Charlie was stillborn on 4th January 2019. He has found his own way to cope with his and his partner’s loss through raising funds for several charities and working with his employer to improve workplace support for anyone affected by pregnancy and baby loss.

Anthony said: “My partner woke with back pain and after she fainted in the bedroom, I called 999 and an ambulance was dispatched. She was rushed into the Royal Derby Hospital where the staff looked after her and began scanning her. After what seemed an eternity, we were hit with the words we most feared: I’m sorry, there’s no heartbeat. The world around us disappeared in an instant, we sobbed and sobbed for our little boy, pleading with the world for him to be okay.

“Over the course of the last two years I have turned my grief into the driving force behind campaigning for change, fundraising for the multiple charities that helped us and helping as many other families as possible by sharing my story and helping them to find the support they need. The positive energy I take from my grief has helped me to work with my employer on improving the support available to our workforce, creating better policies, better guidance and recognising Baby Loss Awareness Week across the group for the first time in its history.

“When I see our building light up pink and blue in October it will be my Charlie’s legacy for the world to see. My boy lives on in every conversation I have, every positive change I help to create and every person I can help. Charlie is there, watching over me and guiding me to help those I can.”

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