Amina, a midwife’s story

Amina, NHS midwife

Amina, a midwife’s story

Midwife Amina has shared some of her top tips on how she looks after herself and her team.

Amina said: “On the ward, I work in a great team who are constantly making sure we’re taking our break. We also have a volunteer wellbeing service who visit every day with a tea trolley, offering great cakes and a chat to anyone who needs it!​

“In my work with Tommy’s we refer to ourselves as ‘a cuddle of midwives’. I know I can contact any or all of the other midwives when I need advice, support or just someone to reflect with.”

“What I loved about working through the pandemic, despite its challenges, was that everyone kept checking in with each other. There was a lot of care for the team and making sure we were all doing ok – and that helped greatly.” 

Many of the organisations that are part of #BLAW offer support, training and resources to health professionals.

Sands works in partnership with health professionals and others to minimise the risks of stillbirth and to ensure the families of those babies who do die receive the best possible care.

The Sands Helpline – 0808 164 3332 – provides a safe, confidential place for anyone who has been affected by the death of a baby, including healthcare professionals. The team are available to speak to from 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday and 6pm to 9pm Tuesday and Thursday evenings. You can also email the helpline team at 

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