Jean’s Story – Baby Loss Awareness Week

Jean’s Story

Jean’s Story


In 1969 I found myself pregnant. I was 19 years old and not married, but I got married in 1969.

I had morning sickness very bad the doctor gave me anti sickness tablets all was fine. When I had my last appointment they said if I had not had my baby to come back there.

On the 13th April 1970 I went into labour with Victoria. The birth was normal, so I thought. I gave birth but could not here my baby cry so I asked why.

The nurse said everything is ok, but it wasn’t. The nurse sat beside me and said I would cry with you, but you are young enough to have another baby and that was that.

I never saw my baby. I was heartbroken.

When I was put on the ward, I started to cry because someone had had twins they did not know, and the nurse came over with one of the babies and put it by my face.

I was crying and the cleaner said I was sneezing. I went home the next day to be told I could not go out for two weeks.

When I went out someone had to be with me as they said I could steal a baby.

There are many organisations that offer support to anyone affected by pregnancy and baby loss.

Sands supports anyone affected by pregnancy loss or the death of a baby and works to save babies’ lives. Contact their Helpline via phone (0808 154 3332) or email, or visit their Support Groups online or via Zoom.

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