Why Baby Loss Awareness Week Is So Important To Me

Louise Hopkinson is mum to Bethany and Courtney 16, Megan 12, Grace 9, Connie 6 and Archie who was stillborn in 2009. She was 35 weeks pregnant and had suffered a concealed abruption, which meant that she bled internally. She was rushed down for a caesarean and when she came round she was told that he’d not made it – he’d passed away.

“Baby Loss Awareness Week takes place each year between 9-15 October. It is important for me and many around me because it is a chance to let others know they are not alone. Years ago there was no support for families. No one spoke of baby loss. Families were expected to carry on like nothing had happened and as a bereaved parent I can only imagine how hard that must have been.”

Read Louise’s story here http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/louise-hopkinson/why-baby-loss-awareness-w_b_12455712.html