The latest Baby Loss Awareness News

  1. Join the Wave of Light at 7pm

    We invite you to join the global Wave of Light at 7pm local time on 15 October 2016. Please light a candle wherever you are and join us in remembering all babies gone too soon. Your baby is always your baby whether they died before birth, aged only a few hours, days, weeks, months or even old enough to be toddling or running around. Baby Loss Awareness Week includes all affected families and we are thinking about each and every one of you. Please share your pictures through our Facebook page  Tweet us @BLA_Campaign or on Instagram[…]

  2. Explaining where your baby bump has gone after a stillbirth is the hardest thing

    After her son Jack was stillborn, Lucy Goodway discovered that family and friends did not know how to react to her heartbreak. Read Lucy’s story at:

  3. Why Baby Loss Awareness Week Is So Important To Me

    Louise Hopkinson is mum to Bethany and Courtney 16, Megan 12, Grace 9, Connie 6 and Archie who was stillborn in 2009. She was 35 weeks pregnant and had suffered a concealed abruption, which meant that she bled internally. She was rushed down for a caesarean and when she came round she was told that he’d not made it – he’d passed away. “Baby Loss Awareness Week takes place each year between 9-15 October. It is important for me and many around me because it is a chance to let others know they are not alone. Years[…]

  4. Mum reveals the things to never say to someone who’s lost a baby

    ‘You can always try again’ – Mum reveals the things to never say to someone who’s lost a baby. There are more than 3,600 stillbirths every year in the UK, and one in every 200 births ends in a stillbirth. However, it still remains a topic that’s not openly discussed as much as it should be – something which 35-year-old mum Hazel King hopes to change. Read the full article here

  5. SignHealth The Deaf Health Charity help raise awareness of baby loss

    The Deaf Health Charity Sign Health have created a BSL video about Baby Loss Awareness Week View the video on their website here