Policy Ask – Baby Loss Awareness Week

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Baby Loss Awareness Week 2020

Nearly 5,000 people took our #BLAW2020 action about partners being excluded from pregnancy, maternity and neonatal services due to COVID-19, despite updated NHS guidance.

Thank you, we are receiving lots of useful information from health trusts and boards across the UK.

We now need your help with something else.

Debate in Westminster

The #BLAW2020 parliamentary debate in Westminster will take place on Thursday 5th November.

It will focus on the impact of COVID-19, highlighting what needs to put in place to avoid the unintended negative consequences of restrictions to services on those experiencing pregnancy and baby loss during a second wave of the pandemic.

Baby Loss Awareness Week 2019

Out of Sight, Out of Mind Report

For Baby Loss Awareness Week 2019 we called on all Governments across the UK to take action to ensure that all parents who experience pregnancy or baby loss and need specialist psychological support can access it, at a time and place that is right for them, free of charge, wherever they live.

Thousands of parents experience pregnancy or baby loss every year, many will go on to experience psychiatric illness that requires specialist support, triggered by intense grief and the trauma of their experience.

Our research showed that too often this support is unavailable, inaccessible or inappropriate. Bereaved parents are falling through the gaps between policy and funding, regularly overlooked altogether.